In the Press

Irish Times, 7th April 2016 

Almost 10,000 Trinity College Seanad votes ‘returned undeliverable’

Irish Independent, 7th April 2016

‘Almost 10,000 Seanad voters without ballot papers as ‘archaic’ postal system criticised

The Sunday Independent, 27th March 2016

‘Leo backs her for Seanad, but Averil is not joining FG’.

The Irish Independent, 23rd March 2016

‘Leo Varadkar backs Independent Senator Averil Power in the Seanad elections’

Irish Independent, 22nd March, 2016

‘Health Minister Leo Varadkar to vote for independent Averil Power in Seanad elections’

RTÉ News, 22nd March 2016

‘Fine Gael minister Leo Varadkar backs Independent Senator Averil Power for the Seanad’

Irish Independent, 1st March 2016

‘Video: Marriage equality head back Averil Power for Seanad.  Grainne Healy urged candidates to back outgoing Independent Senator’.

The Irish Times, 13th February 2016

‘Will emigrants come #HomeToVote in the general election?’

DJ Sean John says he’s travelling home to vote Power No.1 to thank her for all her work on marriage equality.

The Irish Times, 1st February 2016

‘Green light for controversial Howth development’

Averil emphasises the concerns of local residents at the scale of the proposed Howth development.

Irish Independent, 9th January 2016

‘2016 – Bliain na mBan’

Ivan Yates predicts that Averil may be one of a number of new female TDs in the next Dáil.

The Daily Mirror, 7th January 2016

‘Collapsed lung A&E chair wait’

Averil responds to the news that an 86-year-old woman with a collapsed lung was left waiting in a chair in A&E for over two days.

The Irish Times, 5th January 2016

‘Candidates urged to stand up for women’s equality in election.’

Averil supports the National Women’s Council’s women’s manifesto which includes commitments regarding childcare, pay, pensions and domestic violence.

The Herald, 9th December 2015 

‘Politicians swap the Dáil for the runway at charity Oireachtas fashion show’

Averil along with a number of TDs and Senators strutted their stuff for the annual Oireachtas Fashion Show in aid of Research Motor Neurone last night at the Shelbourne Hotel.

The Journal, 7th December 2015 

‘These politicians did a mortifying fashion show on TV3 this morning’

The Irish Times, 4th December 2015

‘Gay teachers welcome change to equality bill’

Three years after Averil first published a bill to end discrimination against gay teachers and medical staff, the Government has finally changed the law.

The Irish Examiner, 4th November 2015

‘Councillors to meet after residents object to height of flood defence wall in Dublin’

Councillors will consider altering the appearance of the sea wall under construction in Clontarf after objections made by local residents and public representatives including Senator Power to the wall’s excessive height.

The Irish Examiner, 25th September 2015

‘Senator Power urges foster care bill’

Senator Power has urged the Government to pass legislation allowing children in foster care to be adopted without further delay.

The Herald, 23 September 2015

‘New development for Howth apartments sparks concern’

Report on Averil’s public meeting about the planning application for the Techrete site in Howth, which was attended by more than 150 local people.

The Irish Independent, 24th August 2015

‘Power election bid to cause headache for Fianna Fáil’

The Irish Independent analyses Averil’s decision to run as an Independent candidate in the general election.

Irish Examiner, 21st July 2015

‘Cautious welcome for adoption tracing legislation’

Averil gives a cautious welcome to the Government’s plans to give adoptees a right to their birth certificates.

The Irish Independent, 21st July 2015

‘New law will give adopted people access to birth certs’

John Downing discusses the Government’s intention to follow through on Averil’s Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill.

The Irish Times, 20th July 2015

‘Right to access birth cert for up to 50,000 adopted people’

Carl O’Brien reveals the Government’s intention to follow through on Averil’s Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill and give adopted people with the right to their birth certificates for the first time.

The Irish Times, 30th May 2015

‘Sean Moncrieff drops his wry air during Averil Power’s emotional interview’

Mick Heaney reviews Sean Moncrieff’s interview with Averil on her resignation from Fianna Fáil and highlights Moncrieff’s outrage at how Averil was treated by party colleagues when she asked them to canvass for the marriage equality referendum.

The Irish Times, 29th May 2015

‘A female TD who stands up for her principles? Well the cheek of her’.

Collette Fitzpatrick criticises Fianna Fáil’s attacks on Averil since her resignation from the party.

The Irish Times, 28th May 2015

‘Frances Fitzgerald expresses sympathy with Averil Power’

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald expresses sympathy with Averil on her resignation from Fianna Fáil and praises her “constructive” approach to politics.

The Irish Independent, 27th May 2015
Collette Browne criticises Fianna Fáil’s “vicious” response to Averil’s resignation. She says Averil’s comments about the party were “professional” and “backed up by evidence” and describes her as “young, passionate, hard-working and with the courage of her convictions”.

The Irish Independent, 27th May 2015
‘Six TDs fight for five seats in Dublin Bay North’

Niall O’Connor writes that Averil “has a solid chance of taking a seat and has worked tirelessly on the ground and in communities in Dublin Bay North”

The Irish Times, 27th May 2015
‘The loss of Power for Fianna Fáil’

The Irish Times editorial describes Averil as “bright”, “energetic” and someone with “an important contribution still to make to politics”.

The Irish Times, 27th May 2015

‘McAleese’s son says FF treated Averil Power ‘abysmally’

Justin McAleese criticises Fianna Fáil’s approach to the marriage equality campaign and says the party treated Averil Power abysmally.

The Herald, 27th May 2015
‘Another fine mess for the soldiers of destiny after Averil’s very powerful exit’

Gerry O’Carroll describes Averil as “one of the party’s brightest stars.” He also says that “Female, young, energetic and progressive, she represented a new generation for an organisation in dire need of fresh ideas and faces.”

Irish Independent, 26th May 2015
‘Lise Hand: All is no longer rosy in Micheal Martin’s garden’

Lise Hand notes that Averil “canvassed tirelessly” for the marriage equality referendum “even as many members of her own parliamentary party had remained conspicuously absent from the campaign”.

Irish Times, 26th May 2015

‘Fianna Fáil are losing: young, female and from Dublin’

Mary Minihan describes Averil as “a popular politician” with a “determined stance and energetic workrate”.

Irish Independent, 26th May 2015

Former Fianna Fáil Deputy Leader Mary O’Rourke describes Averil as “a really good public representative”. O’Rourke says she is “sorry to see her go” from Fianna Fáil but thinks she will be elected as an Independent.

Irish Times, 26th May 2015
Miriam Lord says that “Power was a one-woman show in the dismal Fianna Fáil marriage equality push” while “the cute-hoor strain of old-school Fianna Fáil politics asserted itself”. She also criticises how “Micheal the Moderniser promptly threw his young, female, progressive Senator – his one and only – under the bus.”

Irish Examiner, 26th May 2015
The Irish Examiner editorial says that Averil’s criticism of Fianna Fail’s approach to the marriage equality referendum “sums up the core problem for Fianna Fáil, and maybe to a lesser degree all of Irish politics the absence of a driving belief in a cause, am ideal or a grand vision all made evident by a reluctance to face the slings and arrows that will inevitably rain on agents for change”.

The, 26th May 2015
The director of Yes Equality Cork, Ken Curtin, has quit Fianna Fáil, echoing Averil Power’s criticisms of the party’s lack of support for the marriage equality referendum.

The Irish Times, 26th May 2015

Harry McGee writes that “In many ways, Power was the exemplar of what a renewed Fianna Fáil should stand for – young, female, liberal, with strong ideals and an excellent work ethic”.

TV3, 25th May 2015

Ursula Halligan describes Averil as “passionate, principled, hard working and articulate” and says she was in “obvious distress” as she announced her resignation from Fianna Fáil at Leinster House today., 25th May 2015
Averil speaks to Philip Ryan of the Irish Independent immediately after her resignation from Fianna Fáil

The Irish Times, 25th May 2015

Fintan O’Toole says Averil was an eloquent advocate for the marriage equality campaign.

The Irish Times, 23rd May 2015

Miriam Lord reviews the individuals who were champion campaigners during the marriage equality referendum. She writes that the “Politician of the Campaign award goes to Fianna Fáil’s Senator Averil Power”.

The Sunday Times, 3rd May 2015

Senator Averil Power says she is ‘very disappointed’ that the government is forging ahead with its own legislation, rather than pursuing her adoption tracing bill.

The Irish Times, 1st May 2015

Senator Averil Power discusses canvassing for the forthcoming marriage referendum., 30th April 2015

Senator Averil Power highlights research showing that young gay and lesbian people are six times more likely to take their own lives.

The Irish Mirror, 27th April 2015

Senator Averil Power writes about the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum and misconceptions relating to surrogacy within the campaign.

The Irish Times, 25th April 2015

Senator Averil Power said Fianna Fáil needs to show leadership on national issues and focus less on internal affairs.

Irish Independent, 25th April 2015

Senator Averil Power spoke about a 92-year-old grandmother who is now lobbying her friends at bingo to vote yes after her grandson came out.

She said a yes vote will send a powerful signal to young people who are gay that they can grow up in a society that sees them as equal.

The Dublin People, 30th March 2015

Averil Power welcomes additional teaching support for children with Down Syndrome.

The Irish Examiner, 9th March 2015

Averil Power says strong women have been kept off electoral tickets in the past to protect a sitting male TD.

Irish Independent, 9th March 2015

Averil Power describes comments made by councillor Tom Brabazon regarding the election of “real women with real life experience of childbirth” as “insensitive” and “incredibly offensive”.

The Irish Examiner, 6th March 2015

Averil Power says the Government has failed to roll out its ‘free first fix’ scheme for Irish Water faults.

Irish Independent, 27th February 2015

Averil Power highlights the effect job losses at Cadbury will have on the Coolock area.

The Irish Examiner, 27th February 2015

Senator Averil Power questions Minister Bruton over Cadbury job losses.

The Irish Times, 20th February 2015

Averil Power says cutting the student assistance fund is a ‘false economy’.

RTE News, 18th February 2015

Senator Averil Power says she welcomes the cross-party support that has helped pass the Adoption Rights Bill in the Seanad.

The Irish Independent, 8th February 2015

The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland backs Averil’s bill to regulate e-cigarettes.

The Irish Independent, 31st January 2015

Electronic cigarettes would be regulated like ordinary cigarettes under a new draft law published by Senators Power and Crown.

The Irish Examiner, 31st January 2015

Senator Averil Power and cancer specialist John Crown highlights the health concerns about e-cigarettes which underpin Averil’s bill to regulate them.

The Irish Examiner, 31st January 2015

The Irish Examiner urges all parties to support Averil’s bill to regulate e-cigarettes.

The Irish Times, 30th January 2015

The regulation of electronic cigarettes is proposed in a new Bill by Fianna Fáil senator Averil Power and Independent senator and consultant oncologist John Crown.


The Irish Examiner, 26th January 2015

Schools and hospitals to lose right to sack gay staff.  Senator Averil power states  “I’ll believe it when I see it,”.

The Irish Examiner, 26th January 2015

Senator Power said the incident highlights the need for far greater transparency in State board appointments.

Irish Independent, 25th January 2015

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power ‘absolutely’ rules out sharing power with Sinn Féin.

The Irish Times, 22nd January 2015

‘Tánaiste says recognition of transgender identity a sign of growing maturity’

Averil Power said that while she welcomed the legislation, she was concerned it did not go far enough.

the, 16th January 2015

Fianna Fáil  Senator has defended the Ultimate Fighting Championship, after a fellow Seanad member called for UFC fights to be banned in Ireland.

Irish Independent, 16th January 2015

Senator Averil Power has defended the UFC competition in response to a call by a Seanad colleague for it to be banned.

Irish Examiner, 12th January 2015
Calls to bring David Drumm to inquiry

Fianna Fáil senator Averil Power has written to US secretary of state John Kerry and US ambassador to Ireland Kevin O’Malley asking for David Drumm’s US visa to be revoked.

Ms Power called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan to make a similar call, saying that the US would not allow disgraced financier Bernie Madoff to remain in Ireland if the situation was reversed., 7th January 2015
Ireland launches bid to extradite Drumm

Ireland has launched an attempt to extradite the ex-chief of rogue lender Anglo Irish Bank after he failed to be declared bankrupt in the US.

Senator Averil Power said she has written to US Secretary of State John Kerry urging that Mr Drumm’s visa be revoked immediately.

Dublin People, 7th January 2015
Proposal for new property tax measure

A NORTHSIDE senator has called for a new property tax relief to be introduced for home and apartment owners living in managed estates and developments.

Senator Averil Power (FF) said the property tax was introduced by the Government to “supposedly” fund a range of services provided by local authorities.

The Irish Times, 17th December 2014
‘Up to eight-month delay’ for some social welfare payments

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power said it was “extraordinarily unfair” to have people waiting between six and eight months for a decision on social welfare entitlements.

The Irish Times, 17th November 2014
Philomena Lee gives support to new adoption bill

The legislation was produced by Senator Averil Power, who was adopted from a mother-and-baby home, and is co-sponsored by Senators Jillian van Turnhout, a children’s rights campaigner, and Fidelma Healy Eames, an adoptive mother.


Irish Independent, 17th November 2014
Support for new law on adoption is urged

Philomena Lee, about whom the movie ‘Philomena’ was made, yesterday issued a statement calling on all Senators to support the Adoption (Identity and Information) Bill 2014. The bill is proposed by Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power, and Independents Jillian van Turnhout and Fidelma Healy Eames, and will be debated in the Seanad on Wednesday.

Sunday Independent, 16th November 2014
Support grows for adoption contact bill

Support is building for a bill to allow adopted children discover the identity of their natural mothers. The Fine Gael and Labour leaders in the Seanad are seeking government approval to support Fianna Fail senator Averil Power’s Adoption (Identity and Information) Bill.

Irish Independent, 14th November 2014
Israeli public figures urge Ireland to recognize Palestine

A sizeable group of Israel’s most influential politicians and former legislators are urging Ireland to recognise Palestine.

Last month, the Seanad passed a motion calling on the Government to recognise Palestine. Led by Senator Averil Power, the motion was passed without a vote, and achieved all-party support.

Herald, 4th November 2014

Adopted people ‘deserve right to their birth certs’

Adopted people will have the right to their birth certs for the first time under proposals contained in a new bill.

Senators Aevril Power, Fidelma Healy Eames and Jillian van Turnhout published the bill at Leinster House, and they are calling on the Government to support it.

Aevril Power was adopted as a baby from a mother and baby home, and Fidelma Eames is an adoptive mother.

RTE, 3rd November 2014

Senators publish bill on adoption rights

A number of Opposition senators have called on the Government to support a bill they are proposing that would give adopted people an automatic right to their birth certificate.

Senators Averil Power, Fidelma Healy Eames and Jillian Van Turnhout published the bill at Leinster House this morning.

It would give adopted persons an automatic right to their birth certificate and the name of their mother and the time of their birth.

Irish Independent, 18th October 2014
Seanad to recognise Palestine as state

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power has been given assurances by 31 of the 59 senators in the Seanad they will vote for her motion next week.

The motion calls on the Government to recognise Palestine and “do everything it can at the international level to help secure a viable two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

Irish Times, 1st October 2014
Averil Power criticises government ‘disrespect of democracy’

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power has criticized the government for failing to reform the Seanad, despite having promised to do so in the wake of the failed referendum on its abolition last year.

Irish Mirror, 29th September 2014
Power to the People: An Garda Siochana needs more cash so they can take on gangs

Op-Ed from Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power on the ongoing crime problems in Dublin

Irish Times, 24th September 2014

School patronage reform is leading to religious ‘segregation’, committee told

A drive by the Department of Education to divest schools to new patrons was creating “segregation” on on religious and even racial grounds, it was claimed at an Oireachtas committee today.
Senator Averil Power (FF) said there had been “virtually no progress” in divesting schools under reforms introduced by former minister Ruairí Quinn and the plan should now be reconsidered.

Irish Times, 31st July 2014
Flanagan renews call for ceasefire in Gaza in Seanad debate

Fianna Fáil’s Averil Power calls for EU to impose trade sanctions against Israel, 29th July 2014
Irish Senate recalled from summer break to discuss crisis in Gaza

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power has led criticism of the Israeli action in Gaza and has welcomed the decision to recall the Seanad.

Irish Independent, 27th July 2014
Seanad to be recalled from summer break to discuss Gaza conflict

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power stated that “Senators of all parties and none have been horrified by the deteriorating situation in Gaza and particularly the huge number of civilians that have been killed there”. 

Irish Examiner, 24th July 2014
Abstention on Gaza vote slated

Fianna Fáil senator Averil Power said the Government’s decision to abstain was shameful.

BBC News, 24th July 2014
Irish foreign minister explains UN Gaza vote abstention

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power said Ireland’s decision to abstain was “utterly shameful”.

RTÉ News, 24th July 2014
Minister says Ireland abstained from UNHRC vote as it wants swifter action

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power said the Government should use its voice to stand up for the people of Palestine. 

-, 24th July 2014
FF Senator slams Govt’s ‘shameful’ abstention in UN vote on Gaza offensive

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power described as “shameful” the Government’s decision not to support an international inquiry into Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Irish Independent, 21st July 2014
More parents turn to State for help with school costs

Fianna Fail education spokeswoman Averil Power stated that some support schemes covered only certain classes or certain books. “We still have a long way to go compared to the North where all book costs are covered by the State,” she said.

Irish Examiner, 17th July 2014
Children should have equal access to therapy

“Senator Averil Power said it was unacceptable that some children cannot even get on waiting lists in the north Dublin area for a number of years.


Irish Independent, 8th July 2014
‘This could hit our bid for Rugby World Cup’

Senator Averil Power said that if the upcoming concerts were cancelled it would risk inflicting “huge damage to Ireland’s international reputation as a tourist venue. “At a time when we are pitching for major events, like the Rugby World Cup, there’s no doubt that it will be used against us by our competitors for such events,” the Fianna Fail representative said.”

Irish Times,7th July 2014
Garth Brooks saga ‘damaging tourism’

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power said there are “huge flaws” in the licensing system that allow thousands of tickets to be sold subject to licence and a change in legislation is needed to ensure a situation like this never happens again.

Irish Independent op-Ed on Adoption from Senator Averil Power (21-06-14)
Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power calls for the creation of a proper State-funded information, tracing and reunion service which would give adopted people the right to get their birth certs through this service.  This agency would also act as an intermediary between the adoptee and their birth relatives. Instead of adoptees having to reach out directly to their mothers or fathers, this service could do so for them.


Sunday Independent op-Ed on Adoption from Senator Averil Power (15-06-14)
‘Before I became Averil, my name in mother and baby home was Roisin’. 

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power believs that  balancing the adopted person’s right to their identity and their birth mother’s right to privacy is a job for the Oireachtas. 

Tuam Case a Light on our Dark and Shameful Past (09-06-14)
Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power calls for a full independent investigation  into the circumstances in which women were placed in these homes and in which children lost their lives there.


Irish Times, 9th May 2014
Critics claim Irish visit to Bahrain medical university will be stage-managed
One Irish-trained doctor remains in Bahraini prison following treatment of 2011 protesters

Fianna Fail’s Averil Power highlighted that “Many of the doctors that were arrested and imprisoned trained in Ireland. They trained with the RCSI here in Dublin. They worked in Irish hospitals. Silence is complicity. You cannot be silent in the face of torture. You cannot be neutral”.

Irish Times, 31st January 2014
Iona Institute is ‘afraid’ of same sex marriage debate says Senator

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power said the Iona Institute was “afraid” of the debate on same-sex marriage after it sued RTÉ over allegations of homophobia during a recent interview on The Saturday Night Show. “The motivation of the Iona Institute in bringing the case is clear. It is afraid of the referendum and the fact that at the Constitutional Convention, in which people heard both sides of the debate over the course of two days, 80 per cent of those involved voted in favour of equality.”

Irish Examiner, 31st January 2014
Row in Seanad over RTÉ ‘compensation’ to Iona Institute.

Fianna Fáil senator Averil Power demanded Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte come to the upper house to reveal the amount the State broadcaster gave to figures connected to the Iona Institute after an appearance on a chat show by performer Rory O’Neill, who also has the drag queen persona Panti Bliss.


Irish Times, 26th September 2013
Diageo to ‘contribute’ to extra policing costs associated with event, Seanad hears

Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power told the Seanad today that Diageo had agreed to contribute to some of the extra policing costs associated with the event, but said this didn’t go far enough. “I strongly believe that Diageo should cover the full cost of all of the extra Gardaí that are being drafted in tonight to police Arthur’ s Day events,” she said.

Irish Daily Mirror, September 25th 2013
Time for Diageo to Recognise the Real Cost of Arthur’s Day

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power believes that Diageo should cover all of the additional policing costs associated with Arthur’s Day events

The Irish Examiner, July 30, 2013

Fianna Fáil launch plan to encourage women in politics

The Irish Times, July 30, 2013
‘Fundamental cultural shift’ needed to get women into politics – FF
‘Party outlines plans to boost female candidates in local elections’

The Irish Times, July 25 2013

Government hopes public view that ‘fewer politicians is good’ will swing Seanad Yes vote

‘Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power: said political reform under the Coalition had been “largely cosmetic” and that a rash move such as abolishing the Seanad would result in the loss of independent voices from Irish politics’

Irish Examiner, July 5th, 2013
Limerick makes shortlist to host Gay Games in 2018

‘Having already rejected Rio, San Paulo and Orlando, a five member selection party were guests of a civic and tourism leaders in Limerick last night as the city makes a bid to host the 2018 Federation Gay Games’


Irish Independent, July 3rd, 2013
“It’s really important to get political support because it sends out the message that if Ireland is successful, the government will do everything it can to ensure that the games are fantastic and that they go off very well.” -Averil supports Limerick’s bid for the 2018 Gay Games

Northside People, June 17th, 2013
“It would make far more sense, economically and environmentally, to build a number of smaller, localised plants which could be phased in over time” – Campaign to oppose sewage plant begins.

Irish Independent, June 11th 2013
“Clonshaugh is an entirely inappropriate location for a plant of this size”- Averil expresses her dismay at selection of Clonshaugh as site of new monster sewage plant.

The Irish Herald, June 11th 2013
“Clonshaugh site for sewage plant sparks outrage” – Averil highlights residents concerns over Clonshaugh sewage plant.

The, June 11th 2013
“Plans for monster sewage plant are outrageous” – Averil responds to news that a massive sewage plant is to be built in Clonshaugh.

The Irish Herald, March 28th, 2013
“No family should find themselves in a situation where they have to choose between a job and childcare” – Averil calls on the Government to clarify its position on insolvency debt deal guidelines which could force mothers out of the workforce.

The Irish Mirror, March 5th, 2013
“Put end to legal victimisation of gay workers ” – Rights for gay workers, garda cuts, women in politics and boxing for charity: Averil reflects on her week in politics.

The, 1st March, 2013
“Teachers afraid they could be fired for being gay” – Averil raises Government’s  delay in ammending legislation that discriminates against LGBT workers in the Seanad.

The Irish Times, 1st March, 2013
“Few role models for gays warns Power” – Senator Power criticises the Government’s delay in ammending legislation that discriminates against LGBT teachers, doctors and other staff.

Northside People, 18th February, 2013
“Epilepsy patient pleads for unit to open” – Senator Power highlights the HSE’s failure to staff specialist Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Beaumont Hospital

Northside People, 11th February, 2013
“Cruel blow for people with disabilities” – Senator power highlights cuts in services for people with disabilities in Dublin Bay North.

Irish Independent, 11th February 2013
“Diplomacy takes a back seat as Senator puts on the gloves” – Senator Power takes part in whitecollar boxing in order to raise money for charity.

Northside people, 4th February, 2013
“Fury over parking charges plan” – Senator Power opposes the proposed introduction of paid parking at Howth harbour.

Irish Examiner, 30th January, 2013
“Quinn denies hypocrisy claims over bullying” – The Minister responds to criticism over the Government’s lack of action on law that discriminates against LGBT teachers, which Senator power attempted to ammend last year.

Northside People, 23rd January 2013
“New Northside Specialist Education Facility approved” – Senator Power welcomes the news, confirmed to her in a letter from the Minister for Education.

Irish Examiner, 5th January 2012
“FF senator says party needs more women and younger candidates”  – Senator Power calls for fresh ideas and broader representation.

Northside People, 10th December 2012
“Elderly in Daycare Centre appeal” – Senator Power calls on the HSE to restore facility for pensioners in Edenmore.

Irish Mirror, 3rd December 2012
“Fianna Fail’s Battle to Improve Life in Ireland” – Senator Averil Power reflects on the week in the Oireachtas.

Irish Independent, November 18th 2012
“Legislation is sometimes difficult, but it is a politician’s job” – Senator Power explains her position on the need to legislate for the X case.

Northside People, 7th November 2012
“Mental Health Support” – Fianna Fail launch a national strategy on youth mental health.

Herald, 18th October 2012
“McFeely vows to fight to keep his Dublin 4 mansion”  – “Only someone utterly devoid of any morality could show no remorse for the fact that these people’s lives were put at risk by the shoddy building practices of his firm,” Fianna Fail senator Averil Power said.

Herald, 3rd July 2012
“‘Reckless’ booze deals for children’s allowance day slated” – Senator Power said: “I am genuinely shocked to see a respected company and brand name like Centra associated with such a cynical and reckless promotion.

Herald, 16th June 2012
“‘Public at risk’ as gardai lose 300 squad cars” – Power says the shortage of cars is causing families and communities to feel “more insecure”.

Herald, 16th June 2012
“I’m a British citizen, McFeely tells court” – Averil Power critical of NAMA following the decision in the London court, saying it was “crazy that NAMA stood back and left it to a private citizen to challenge Thomas McFeely’s UK bankruptcy.”

Irish Times, 12th May 2012
“A clear Yes-No divide as voters convey conflicting motives on doorsteps”  – Averil Power Alert

Pink News, 3rd May 2012
“Ireland ‘missed opportunity to protect LGBT employees’ in Seanad vote” – “We applaud Senator Power for proposing it”

Irish Examiner, 3rd May 2012
“Government blocks Seanad move to protect gay workers from being fired”  – Power told Seanad provisions in law could serve as a daily chill factor for gay lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Irish Examiner, 2nd May 2012
“Employment Equality Bill defeated in Seanad”

Irish Examiner, 12th April 2012
“Quinn to tackle anti-gay discrimination”  – Power has published a draft bill that would allow such a move to take place.

Irish Times, 27th March 2012
“Anseo! How a new generation of gay teachers is fighting back” –  Power explained, “If the Bill is enacted, schools will still be entitled to insist that staff members demonstrate respect towards the school’s ethos and not actively seek to undermine it.

Cork Independent, 23rd March 2012
“Gay teachers welcome FF bill” – the group is “absolutely delighted” with the bill.

Irish Medical Times, 2nd March 2012
“Torture in the Dail”

The Sun, 22nd February 2012
“FF wants State to back gay teachers” – Power says FF is taking the initiative by publishing this legislation and calling on the Government to accept it.

Irish Times, 20th February 2012
“FF Bill in support of gay teachers” – Power says the Programme for Government contains a commitment to change the status quo.

The Journal, 2nd February 2012
“Column: Why should gay and lesbian teachers live in fear for their jobs?” – Power states: “as a new member of the Oireachtas, I refuse to sit back and do nothing on this issue…”

Irish Times, 26th January 2012
“Deis teacher cuts still on agenda” – Power tackles Quinn over education cuts.

The, 25th January 2012
“Gender quotas welcome – but ‘token’ women won’t work” – Power say it could be worse off if women are put forward who don’t have a chance of winning.

Dublin People, 9th January 2012
“Disadvantaged School hits out at cuts” – Power argues that such cuts are not just incredibly socially regressive, they are also economically short-sighted…

Irish Examiner, 16th December 2011
“Politicians urge public to buy single” – Averil joins other TDs and Senators in singing to raise funds for Pieta House.

Independent, 5th December 2011
“USI warning on university fees hike” – Power criticises the Government’s abolition of the postgraduate grant as a retrograde step.

Herald, 30th November 2011
“Boxing FF senator is concussed and ends up in A&E” – Averil says: “it was my own silliness that caused me to get hit. I was taking punches I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been sick.”

Irish Times, 26th November 2011
“Senator can’t roll with the punches” – Averil’s doctor dispatched her straight into accident and emergency and she was detained overnight.

Irish Times, 14th November 2011
“Cross-party singing group bridges troubled waters to help charity” – Averil admits her only singing experience was The Green Fields of France at three in the morning.

Irish Times, 12th November 2011
“Harmony in the House as TDs eye up Christmas No.1 spot” – Averil joins other TDs and Senators in singing to help charity.

The Journal, 11th November 2011
“Bill paves way for government to enact puppy farm law” – Averil comments that unscrupulous puppy farmers are making money from animals which are destined to have ongoing physical and emotional problems.

Dublin People, 24th October 2011
“Priory Hall is a clear case for debt forgiveness” – Averil proposes a freeze on monthly mortgage repayments for Priory Hall homeowners until the apartments are once again fit for habitation.

Irish Times, 20th October 2011
“Nama offers apartments for Priory Hall residents” – Meanwhile, Averil has called on all financial institutions to freeze monthly repayments until the development works are completed.

Independent, 30th September 2011
“Quinn ‘powerless’ to get teacher details” – Power says it is “disgraceful” that 40pc of schools failed to respond to the survey.

FINGAL Independent, 3rd August 2011
“Averil to spend summer recess in Mozambique” – Averil volunteers to work in Mozambique with development charity, VSO.

Irish Times, 1st August 2011
“Work scheme to encourage migrants to enter politics” – Averil signs up to the Opening Power to Diversity Scheme.

Irish Times, 28th July 2011
“FF will change behaviour on fundraising, says Martin” – Martin agrees with criticisms of party by Power.

Irish Examiner, 28th July 2011
“Martin vows to respond to Mahon Tribunal report ‘resolutely and fast'” – Averil’s calls for an end to ethical breaches backed by Martin.

Irish Medical Times, 27th July 2011
“Defending the right to practice” – the plight of Irish-trained doctors imprisoned in Bahrain.

Irish Times, 26th July 2011
“Highest ethical standards key to party’s recovery, warns Senator” – Power emphasizes the need for Fianna Fáil to display the highest  ethical standards in public life.

Irish Examiner, 26th July 2011
“FF senator admits party breached ethics” – Averil says there must be no place for anybody who thinks it’s acceptable to claim expenses from the taxpayer from their holiday home., 26th July 2011
“Averil puts boots into Bertie as FF fights for political future” – Averil’s address to the MacGill summer school in Donegal.

Irish Times, 25th July 2011
“Fianna Fáil ‘in fight for survival'”

RTÉ NEWS, 15th July 2011
“Irish delegation secures Bahrain pledge”

Irish Times, 15th July 2011
“Bahraini minister pledges to ask king to free medics”

Delegation travels to Bahrain in bid to secure doctors’ release – July 3rd 2011

Northside People – May 25th 2011
“Power to represent Dublin North East in Seanad”

Irish Times, 5th May 2011
“Sign up to the Irish Times Archive (1859-2008)” – Guidelines for schools on gay bullying.

Evening Herald, 24th Feb 2011
“Party bosses in war of words as finish line nears” – Averil exposes the Fine Gael 100 day plan as “a gimmick”.

Irish Independent, 21st Feb 2011
“Dublin North East” – A report by Michael Brennan on the General Election campaign in Dublin North East.

Independent, 12th February 2011
“Students push envelope to get registered” – Power says any bureaucracy that even delays someone getting on to the register is just crazy.

Irish Mail, 12th Feb 2011
“The Jason O’Toole interview” – An in-depth interview about life, politics and General Election 2011.

Irish Times, 29th May 2010
“Green Issue Confuses North Dublin Residents” – Miriam Lord on Averil’s campaign to save ‘the greens’ in Portmarnock.

Evening Herald, 25th May 2010
“‘Madness’ of green plan to stop cutting grass in our parks” – Report about Averil’s campaign against Fingal County Council’s plan to turn grass areas in local greens and parks into overgrown meadows.

Northside People, 29th April 2010
“Northside schools to get summer upgrade” – Averil welcomes the fact that 30 schools serving the Dublin North East area have been approved for upgrades under the Government’s E122 million Summer Works Scheme.

Sunday Tribune, March 07, 2010
Sunday Tribune article predicting who will be in the Cabinet in 2020. Averil is included as her “her solid performance on a very bad day for Fianna Fáil in the locals last year and her knowledge of government from working with Mary Hanafin makes her one to watch.”

Northside People, January 10, 2010
“Government Support for Volunteer Centre” – Averil welcomes the Government’s announcement of E115,000 for the Fingal Volunteer Centre in 2010.

Northside People, January 6, 2010
“Height reduction sought in centre plan” – Article about Fingal County Council’s decision to reject a proposed 5 storey development at Bayside Square.

Irish Times, October 16, 2009
“Government moves to fill two Seanad vacancies” – An article about potential Fianna Fail nominees to fill vacancies in Seanad Eireann.

Irish Times, October 1, 2009
“Evidence on the doorsteps suggests a slight swing to Yes’ – Irish Times journalist, Harry McGee, accompanies Averil while she canvasses in Baldoyle for a Yes vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

Northside People, September 30, 2009
“Council rejects high rise Howth plan” – Local Fianna Fáil representative, Averil Power, told Northside People that a balanced rejuvenation of this part of Howth would be very welcome but this particular proposal was totally inappropriate.

The Irish Times, May 30, 2009
“Miriam Lord’s Week” – Sketch about Minister O’Dea canvassing with Averil in Baldoyle.

Sunday Tribune, May 17, 2009
“Gallery of oil paintings fit to put on canvass” – Sunday Tribune article about young candidates running in the 2009 local elections.

Evening Herald, May 4, 2009
“GAA club makes plea to rescue vandal-hit depot” – Article about Averil campaigning with Na Dubh Ghall GAA Club, Baldoyle, to have a derelict Council depot turned into changing rooms for the club.

Irish Times, March 2, 2009
“No evidence of Dail consensus – Lenihan” – Some quotes from Averil’s address to the 2009 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

Evening Herald, April 28, 2009
“Writing is on the wall for graffiti in election campaign” – Article about the graffiti removal squad that Averil set up in her area.

Irish Times, January 3, 2009
“The people to watch in the year ahead” – The Irish Times selects Averil as one of four up and coming politicians to watch in the year ahead.

The Sunday Times, September 21, 2008
“Fianna Fail turns to women for help” – Article about Fianna Fail running more young and female candidates in the 2009 local elections.