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Averil urges The Government to ensure The Adoption Information Bill be passed prior to the General Election

Averil speaking in The Seanad Debate on The Bankruptcy Bill

Averil highlights the need for Howth Harbour to be dredged

Averil raising the need for Ireland to recognise Palestine

Averil talking about Krav Maga on Today FM

Averil Speaks on Beaumont A&E Overcrowding

Averil Argues for Marriage Equality in the Seanad

Averil criticises Cllr Brabazon’s remarks about ‘real women’ on Today with Sean O’Rourke (9/3/15)

Averil Responds To Cllr Brabazon’s Remarks About “Real Women” On The Pat Kenny Show (9/3/15)

Averil On The Today FM Sunday Show, Reviewing The Week (8/3/15)

Senator Averil Power Welcomes The Seanad Unanimously Passing Her Adoption Information Bill

Senator Averil Power Outlines The Constitutional Basis For Her Adoption Bill 18.2.15

Averil Discusses Marriage Equality, Mental Health & Other Issues on Moncrieff 2nd March 2015

Averil Power, Joan Burton and Anne Ferris Discuss Their Adoption Stories With Miriam O’Callaghan

Averil Raises the Cadbury Job Losses & Threat To The Fire Brigade Ambulance Service In The Seanad

Averil discusses gender quotas with George Hook – 20th January 2015

Averil Discusses MMA and Boxing With Tubridy on RTÉ 2FM

Averil Urges The Irish Government To Put Pressure On Israel To End Its Occupation Of Palestine

Averil Proposes Amendments To Protect IASS Members From Pension Cuts Of Up To 60%

Averil Highlights The Need To Provide Better ICT Facilities For Schools


Averil Addresses UN Conference On Palestine in New York, 21st November 2014

Averil Responds to Minister Reilly on Adoption Information Bill (19/11/2014)

Senator Averil Power Introduces Her Adoption Information Bill in the Seanad (19/11/2014)

Averil Discusses Her Adoption Information Bill With Seán Moncrieff On Newstalk (7/11/2014)

RTÉ Morning Edition Discussion on Senator Averil Power’s Adoption Bill (5/11/2014)

RTE News: Senator Power Launches Bill To Give Adoptees A Right To Their Birth Certs (3/11/2014)


Averil Calls on the Seanad to Recognise the State of Palestine (22/10/14)

Averil discusses access to disability services in the Seanad (06/10/14)

Averil Discusses the Gaza Conflict in the Seanad (31/07/14)

Averil Discusses Gaza on Morning Ireland (24/07/14)

Averil Discusses Gaza Crisis With Seán Moncrieff on Newstalk (24/07/14)

Averil Raises Rights of Unmarried Fathers and Adoptees In Seanad (18/07/14)

Averil Calls on Minister to Re-Establish Ireland’s Representative Office in Taipei (18/07/14)

Averil Calls For Ban On Goods From Illegal Israeli Settlements In Palestine (26/06/14)

Averil highlights the need for information and support services for adoptees in the Seanad (21/06/14)

Averil’s Contribution To The Seanad Debate On The Mother and Baby Homes (12/06/14)

Averil Raises Mother & Baby Homes Issue in the Seanad (11/06/14)

Averil highlights deficiencies in the Labour Party Employment Equality (14/04/14)

Averil Discusses Building Control Regulations in the Seanad (11/04/14)

Averil Opposes Child Pageants in the Seanad (07/03/14)

Averil Discusses Homophobia in the Seanad (19/02/14)

Averil Raises RTE Settlement With Iona Institute in Seanad (30/01/14)


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