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“It is outrageous that patients are once again being advised not to go to Beaumont Hospital’s A&E department because it is dangerously overcrowded”, Independent Senator Averil Power said today (6/1/16).

“People are already afraid to go Beaumont because they know how bad conditions are in the A&E department there. Now they are being advised that, no matter how sick they are, they should stay away. It is an absolute disgrace that this situation has been allowed to happen yet again.


“Beaumont A&E is consistently the most overcrowded emergency department in Dublin. It was built for 35 patients but is frequently home to 100. Inadequate space and serious understaffing are creating intolerable conditions for patients and staff alike. The major shortage of convalescent and nursing home places in the area is also making things worse as people are stuck in Beaumont who would be better off elsewhere.


“At my recent public meeting about the A&E crisis, I heard harrowing stories of how this crisis is affecting patients and their families. Staff also spoke of how heartbreaking it is not to be able to give patients, particularly very elderly ones, the care they deserve.


“People have had enough and are determined to make this an election issue. They want to know how our local TDs, including two current Government Ministers, have allowed this situation to continue for so long.  And they want clear commitments, not just vague aspirations, for the next five years.


“For my own part, I have made it clear that if I am elected as an Independent TD I will not support any future Government unless it is prepared to build a new emergency department at Beaumont hospital and take other steps to address the A&E crisis there.


“Members of the public can support my campaign to end the healthcare crisis in North Dublin by signing the petition on my website”, Senator Power concluded.




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