The recent planning application for the lands surrounding St Paul’s school was deemed invalid by the council as the applicant was not a registered company name with the Companies Office.
The developer has now submitted a fresh application under a different company name. The planning reference number is 4185/15.
Unfortunately, this means objections submitted against the first application must be sent in again. If you wish to send in an objection, the deadline for doing so is 4:30pm on 21st January 2015.
If you sent in an objection against the original application and did not apply for a refund of the €20 planning fee, you will not be charged again provided your new objection is accompanied by your receipt for the €20 fee.
The text of my submission against the last application is below.

Planning Department

Dublin City Council


A Chara,


I am writing with regard to planning application number 3899/15 for lands surrounding St Paul’s school, Raheny, Dublin 5.


These lands are zoned as Z15 and are used as playing fields by the school and local sports clubs.


The stated objective of Z15 zoning is “To protect and provide for institutional and community uses and ensure that existing amenities are protected.” Examples given of institutional and community uses are schools and other educational institutions, hospitals and open space.


I understand the intention of allowing for some residential development on Z15 lands was to provide for accommodation which would be ancillary to the community / institutional use – for example, student residences attached to a third level college or accommodation for members of a religious order. It cannot have been the intention of the planners, or the elected members of the council in approving the development plan, for Z15 zoning to include primarily residential development, as an alternative zoning (Z1) exists for such purposes.


On the contrary, the City Development Plan states that a “limited degree” of residential development should only be allowed on Z15 lands “in very limited circumstances…in order to secure, protect and consolidate the institutional, educational, recreational, community, green infrastructure and health uses and retain the facility in the local area.” It also makes it clear that such development “should not compromise or undermine in any significant way” the current community / institutional uses of the site.


It should be noted that An Bord Pleanala rejected planning application 3383/14 for the neighbouring former St Paul’s swimming pool lands as the proposed development was not in accordance with the requirements of Z15 zoning. It is submitted that this application also far exceeds the level of development permitted by Z15.


In addition, rather than protecting the existing community uses of this land, as required by the City Development Plan, it would significantly damage them.


I acknowledge that the proposed development would provide improved sports facilities for St Paul’s school and new all weather pitches for use by the school and local clubs. However, the number of pitches available would be reduced significantly. As a result, local sports clubs are likely to have reduced access to playing facilities on these lands. This would be a serious loss to the community and a material contravention of the City Development Plan.


I am conscious of the need for increased housing supply in the area. However, there is a large amount of land zoned Z1 which would be more appropriate for the kind of large-scale residential development being proposed here. By developing those lands, the additional accommodation required can be delivered without damaging existing community facilities.


In addition to contravening the City Development Plan as outlined above, the development would also exacerbate the existing serious traffic congestion on Sybill Hill Road and neighbouring roads.


I trust you will take these points into consideration in deciding on this application.


Yours sincerely,


Senator Averil Power



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