Averil has strongly opposed the selection of a site in Clonshaugh as one of three possible locations for a massive sewage treatment plant. Under the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme, the Department of the Environment and the Council intend to build a major new regional waste plant in North Dublin. It will initially be approximately the same size of the Ringsend Plant but will see its capacity doubled over a 20 year period to cater for sewage from 700,000 population equivalent (homes / businesses / hospitals etc) by 2040.

The text of Averil’s submission to the consultation process on the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme is below. To object to the scheme yourself, email info@greaterdublindrainage.ie

Submission To The Consultation Process On The Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme (Proposed Plant at Clonshaugh)

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my total opposition to the plan for a monster sewage treatment plant in Clonshaugh.

First, I believe that the plan for one massive plant is completely misguided and that at a cost of between €2.3 billion and €2.7 billion it will represent very poor value for money for the taxpayer. Smaller, localized plants, phased in over time as required, would make more sense from both an economic and an environmental point of view.

Second, Clonshaugh is a totally inappropriate location for a monster sewage treatment plant for a number of reasons:

  • The proposed site is immediately adjacent to over 2,500 homes in the Clonshaugh, Priorswood and Darndale area, all of which are within a one mile radius. It is also very close to other major housing developments in Belmayne, Clongiffin and Clare Hall. Building the plant here would lead to an intolerable reduction in the residential amenity of thousands of householders in these and other neighbouring areas.
  • Locating the plant in Clonshaugh would also totally undermine future plans for the North Fringe area.
  • It would also damage the economic potential of the locality which, given its close proximity to Dublin airport, is of major strategic importance to Fingal and Dublin as a whole.
  • In particular, it would most likely render redundant the plans to develop the neighbouring IDA site as a high tech hub and, in doing so, prevent the creation of thousands of badly-needed jobs in the area.
  • Piping the outfall from the plant to the sea north of Ireland’s Eye would pose a serious threat to the marine environment in Portmarnock, Baldoyle and Malahide. The coastal area from Malahide to Howth is not only of major recreational and tourism value, it is also an area of great environmental importance which must be protected.

For all of the reasons set out above, I am strongly opposed to the proposal to build a major regional sewage treatment plant in Clonshaugh. Not only should such a mega plant not be built at this location, the Department of the Environment and the Council should go back to the drawing board and develop alternative plans for more economic and more environmentally sustainable small local plants.

Yours sincerely

Senator Averil Power


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