The cost of making calls and accessing your emails whilst roaming in the EU is set to drop dramatically as a result of an agreement recently finalized by the European Parliament.

The deal has been welcomed by Dublin North East Senator Averil Power (FF). According to Averil, “There is no doubt that consumers are currently being ripped-off by outrageous roaming charges when using their phones abroad. I welcome the fact that as a result of this agreement charges will drop dramatically over the next two years.

“From July 2012, consumers travelling in another EU country will pay no more than €0.29 per minute to make a call, €0.08 to receive a call and €0.09 to send a text message. The cost of downloading data or browsing the internet on your phone will also drop, from no maximum charge at present to a cap of €0.70 per megabyte.

“Prices will drop further in 2014 to a maximum of €0.19 per minute to make a call, €0.05 per minute to receive a call and €0.06 to send a text message. Data costs will also drop to €0.20 per megabyte.

“Furthermore from 2014, mobile phone customers will have the flexibility to shop around and sign up with one company for domestic calls and another for their overseas trips, while retaining the same number”, she said.

Senator Power concluded that the agreement is another major step forward by the EU in protecting consumer rights. EU cooperation has already delivered major improvements in other areas such as the rights of air passengers and higher safety standards for toys and other products.



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