Power addresses rally in support of Priory Hall residents

The Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan TD, must stop passing the buck to Dublin City Council and meet with the Priory Hall residents, according to Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power.

Senator Power was addressing a rally in support of the residents in Donaghmede today, 11th February 2012.

According to Senator Power, “The residents have been out of their homes for four months now through no fault of their own. There is still no sign of long-term solution to their housing problems. Furthermore, they are concerned that Dublin City Council will again try to force them to pay for rental accommodation, on top of their mortgages, when its case is heard in the Supreme Court this week.”

Senator Power says it is a disgrace that Minister Hogan is still refusing to meet with the residents and hear firsthand about how all of this is affecting their families. “Instead he is clearly being given a warped view of events by Council officials”, she said.

According to Senator Power, Minister Hogan recently told the Dail that “Dublin City Council has made commendable efforts to provide for the needs of residents to date”.

“I was genuinely shocked at these remarks”, said Senator Power. “There’s nothing commendable about forcing people out of their homes with no advance plan for emergency accommodation commendable. There’s nothing commendable about arguing before the High Court that the residents should have pay rent for temporary accommodation – on top of their mortgages – commendable. And there’s certainly nothing commendable about appealing the High Court’s decision to the Supreme Court this week”.

“The Department of the Environment is passing the buck to Dublin City Council.

For their part, Council officials have made it clear that they are taking instructions from the Department and have been warned not to set a precedent by accepting responsibility for Priory Hall. The buck-passing has to stop. The Minister needs to meet with the residents himself and hear firsthand how all of this is affecting themselves and their families. I genuinely believe that, if he really listened to what they have been going through, he would feel compelled to help them – to put aside all the bureaucracy and do the right thing.

Senator Power concluded by saying that she will be calling Minister Hogan into the Seanad again this week and urging him to meet with the Priory Hall residents.



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