No Excuses Left For Government Failure To Implement Puppy Farm Legislation – Power


Now that the Welfare of Greyhounds Bill 2011 has passed all stages in the Oireachtas, the Government has no excuses left for not implementing the new law on puppy farms which was passed last year (the Dog Breeding Establishments Act), according to Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power.

“All over the country, puppies are being bred in filthy conditions, with no exercise or socialization”, Senator Power said. “Unscrupulous puppy farmers are making money from animals which are destined to have ongoing physical and emotional problems.

“The ISPCA and other animal welfare organisations are severely hampered in their efforts to prevent such cruelty because the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has failed to sign the necessary commencement orders to give effect to the new legislation.  This legislation, drawn up by the previous Government, is ready to go and has widespread approval. It would bring about higher standards in dog breeding, outlawing the current cruel practices.  The delays in implementing this are completely unjustified.

The Government has stated that the reason for the delay is that it wants to implement the Dog Breeding Establishments Act and the Welfare of Greyhounds legislation simultaneously. I don’t accept that it was necessary to delay the implementation of the Dog Breeding Establishments Act for this reason. However, now that the Welfare of Greyhounds Bill has passed all stages in the Oireachtas, the Government has no further excuses. It must implement the Dog Breeding Establishments Act without delay.

I am also urging the Government to take other steps to tackle animal cruelty in Ireland and to help reduce the number of unwanted dogs in the country,” Senator Power concluded.


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